December 21, 2012

Michael Snow: In his own words

The subject of an ACI online art book offers insight on two of his works

At the ACI we are very lucky to have talented and passionate contributors like the It’s always a joy hear an artist speak about his or her own work. Whether proud, derisive, or ambivalent, their words offer an insight unmatchable by any school of art criticism. Luckily, the National Gallery of Canada was able to sit down with Toronto artist Michael Snow and ask him about his pieces, In the Way and The Viewing of Six New Works. The video (here) is a fascinating look at an artist who, despite his established fame, continues to produce compelling work. Download the ACI’s Michael Snow: Life and Work by Martha Langford here.


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Michael Snow in New York in 1964. Photographed by John Reeves. Courtesy of John Reeves.

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