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Jock Macdonald’s career as an artist took him from design and illustration to landscape painting and, from the early 1930s onward, to a lifelong search for expression through abstraction. His quest was guided by the most current discussions of art and aesthetics and of mathematical and scientific theories. As a teacher, Macdonald integrated these ideas into his classroom; in the studio, they informed his artistic practice. At the base of that search was his belief that design and art—even abstract art—must be rooted in the natural world.

  • Lytton Church

    Lytton Church 1930

  • The Black Tusk

    The Black Tusk 1932

  • In the White Forest

    In the White Forest 1932

  • Formative Colour Activity

    Formative Colour Activity 1934

  • Departing Day

    Departing Day 1936 (dated 1935)

  • Etheric Form

    Etheric Form 1936 (dated 1934)

  • Fall (Modality 16)

    Fall (Modality 16) 1937

  • Indian Burial, Nootka

    Indian Burial, Nootka 1937

  • Russian Fantasy

    Russian Fantasy 1946

  • Scent of a Summer Garden

    Scent of a Summer Garden 1952

  • Black Evolving Forms

    Black Evolving Forms 1953

  • Airy Journey

    Airy Journey 1957

  • Legend of the Orient

    Legend of the Orient 1958

  • Nature Evolving

    Nature Evolving 1960

  • Far Off Drums

    Far Off Drums 1960

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