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Homer Watson was above all a painter of rural landscapes, and was especially devoted to settings that he knew intimately. Landscapes were biographical manifestos and philosophical statements, an opportunity to explore nature’s inner life, power, and meaning, but also to probe the delicate relationship of respect that he believed human beings should establish with the natural world. Those convictions were at the core of all his work, even while the aesthetics that informed his art changed substantially over the course of his career.

  • The Death of Elaine

    The Death of Elaine 1877

  • A Coming Storm in the Adirondacks

    A Coming Storm in the Adirondacks 1879

  • The Pioneer Mill

    The Pioneer Mill 1880

  • Near the Close of a Stormy Day

    Near the Close of a Stormy Day 1884

  • Studio frieze

    Studio frieze 1893–94

  • Log-cutting in the Woods

    Log-cutting in the Woods 1894

  • The Flood Gate

    The Flood Gate c.1900–1

  • The River Drivers

    The River Drivers 1914, 1925

  • The Ranges (Camp at Sunrise)

    The Ranges (Camp at Sunrise) 1915

  • Moonlight, Waning Winter

    Moonlight, Waning Winter 1924

  • Moonlit Stream

    Moonlit Stream 1933

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