Helen McNicoll had a short but prolific career. At the time of her death in 1915, she had exhibited over seventy works in Canada and England; her memorial exhibition featured nearly 150 paintings and sketches. Though primarily known today for her representations of modern women and carefree children, she also painted landscapes and rural genre scenes. Her bright Impressionist images appeal strongly to the senses, even as they convey a sense of quiet and detachment.

  • Academy

    Academy 1899–1900

  • Cottage, Evening

    Cottage, Evening c. 1905

  • The Little Worker

    The Little Worker c. 1907

  • Interior

    Interior c. 1910

  • Marketplace

    Marketplace 1910

  • The Apple Gatherer

    The Apple Gatherer c. 1911

  • Picking Flowers

    Picking Flowers c. 1912

  • Stubble Fields

    Stubble Fields c. 1912

  • The Chintz Sofa

    The Chintz Sofa c. 1913

  • Sunny September

    Sunny September 1913

  • In the Shadow of the Tree

    In the Shadow of the Tree c. 1914

  • Under the Shadow of the Tent

    Under the Shadow of the Tent 1914

  • The Victorian Dress

    The Victorian Dress 1914

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