Contemporary, Toronto-based artist Shary Boyle discusses how Christiane Pflug’s Cottingham School with Black Flag, 1971 was a seminal inspiration for her as a student. Boyle reveals her fascination with Pflug’s unique, intense, graphic artworks and how they made her feel that becoming an artist was possible.

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Christiane Pflug, Art & Influence, Art Canada Institute
Christiane Pflug, in a photo thought to have been taken by Peter Faust, her stepfather, in his garden in Downsview, in 1969 or 1970.
Shary Boyle, Art & Influence, Art Canada Institute
Shary Boyle, courtesy the Art Gallery of Ontario.
Kutchen Door at Night II, Christiane Pflug, Art Canada Institute
Christiane Pflug, The Kitchen Door at Night II, 1963, oil on canvas, 109.2 cm x 91.4 cm, (institution line TK)
Shary Boyle, Tumbleweed, Art Canada Institute, Art & Influence
Shary Boyle, Tumbleweed (detail), 2010, porcelain, glazes, gilding, courtesy the artist and Jessica Bradley Gallery, Toronto.


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