• The Canadian Online Art Book PRoject

    Every year, the Art Canada Institute publishes six online art books on the lives and work of historic Canadian artists, written by Canada’s leading art historians, curators, and visual culture experts. Each online art book is available in both French and English.

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  • The Canadian Online Art Book Print Editions

    The ACI is currently producing print editions of our books in the Canadian Online Art Book Project. Like our digital editions, these beautiful volumes give Canadians unprecedented access to the images, documents, and stories that define our visual culture.

  • ACI Public Lectures

    In locations across Canada, the Art Canada Institute hosts four free public lectures per year, featuring the authors of the books we publish in conversation with other renowned scholars and experts in the visual arts.

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  • Online Exhibitions

    In order to offer Canadian art shows for the twenty-first century, the ACI produces twelve online exhibitions per year, curated by the country’s leading visual culture experts.

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  • Art & Influence

    How does Canadian art history connect with contemporary Canadian art? Art & Influence answers this important question by exploring the practices of today’s leading artists—including Louis Jacob, Shary Boyle, Julia Dault, Ken Lum, and Suzy Lake—revealing how their work is grounded in, shaped, and inspired by Canadian art history.

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  • The Living Histories Project

    While many figures in the Canadian art world have received recognition in their lifetime, virtually none have been offered an opportunity to tell their personal stories in an accessible audio and visual format. The Living Histories Project fills this gap. This multi-media series captures the accounts of influencers and icons so that contemporary audiences and future generations have access to how key individuals have shaped Canada’s art history.

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